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       Club           Name   Club Phone  Lanes        Head Coach     Parent Rep
BOSC Black Oak Swim Club 937-433-4006 6 M Elizabeth Lewis Paige Lumpkins
  Fighting Acorns 1570 Ambridge Road Swim, Dive      
    Centerville, OH 45458  Roster: 107      
  BVSC  Brookview Swim Club 937-848-4411 6 M Sophia Briley Connie McNamara
  Dolphins 2480 Periwinkle Drive Swim, Dive      
    Bellbrook, OH 45305 Roster: 81      
CSC  Christopher Club 937-294-9446 5 Y Sarah Weidner Meghan Woolf-Isbel
  Stingrays 3150 South Dixie Highway Swim, Dive      
    Kettering, OH 43439 Roster: 59      
DCC  Dayton Country Club 937-294-0595 6 M Monica Collins Eileen Epley
  Gators 555 Kramer Road Swim, Dive      
    Dayton, OH 45419 Roster: 74      
  DSC  Dunsinane Swim Club 937-433-7946 6 M Ryan Hays Rick Guerin
  Dolphins 600 West Spring Valley Pike Swim, Dive      
    Centerville, OH 43458 Roster: 146      
FSSC  Five Seasons Sports Club 937-848-9200 8 M Jennifer Garzinski Michelle Zaharieff
  Gators 4425 Possum Run Road Swim, Dive      
    Dayton, OH 45440 Roster: 73      
NCR  NCR Country Club 937-643-6931 6 M Emma Chambers Heather Slentz
  Neptunes 4435 Dogwood Trail Swim      
    Kettering, OH 45429 Roster: 71      
PHSC  Pleasant Hill Swim Club 937-433-2232 6 M Stephanie Hundt Marsha Birch
  Fighting Fish 300 Zengel Drive Swim, Dive      
    Centerville, OH 45458 Roster: 105      
SCCC  Sycamore Creek Country Club 937-748-3029 6 M Kyle Hetman Kathy Leesman
  Stingers 8300 Country Club Lane Swim, Dive      
    Springboro, OH 45066 Roster: 122      
WBD  Waynesville n/a - Kathryn Spitznogle Melissa Spitznogle
  Blue Dolphins   Swim      
    Waynesville, Ohio 45068 Roster: 64      
WHSC  Woodhaven Swim Club 937-433-4741 8 M Doug Haines Anne Lampe
  Warriors 7620 Yankee Street Swim, Dive      
    Centerville, Ohio 45459 Roster: 114      

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